• Sponsored a four-day international workshop in 2014 in Laraquete and Coliumo bays (in the Biobío Region) to help 17 artisanal fishermen and women learn about small-scale aquaculture production and commercialization.


  • As a result of a four-day workshop in Laraquete and Coliumo Bays in August 2014, artisanal fishermen and women decided to form the group Granjeros del Mar (Sea Farmers), under the leadership of Recupera Chile, with the objective of creating economic development projects, and launching a common management platform to apply for local and international funding for their enterprises.


  • They partnered with 5 artisanal fishing groups in Punta Lavapié, Llico, Laraquete, Tumbes and Coliumo to participate in the Sea Farmers intiative.


  • In December 2014, a group of Sea Farmers members participated in the Feria Gastronómica Marina (FEGAM) in Valdivia, Chile to promote the Sea Farmer´s products to a community specialized in gourmet gastronomy.


  • 66,700 adults and 1,800 children benefitted by the various components of the initiative (trainings, talks, video exhibitions, educational outings to the aquaculture centers).


  • DRCLAS and Recupera Chile team met in September with representatives from CORFO-Biobío, Innova-Biobío, Sernapesca, Subpesca, Seremi of Economy, and Universidad de Concepción to present the  Integrated Coastal Development: Sea Farmers initiative (or Granjeros del Mar initiative), and discuss funding opportunities for the development of 11 aquaculture projects in the Biobío region.


  • Recupera Chile representatives met with high-level officials of the Chile Government and the US State Department in November 2015 to describe and promote Sea Farmers. 


  • Sea Farmers joined the fifth edition of the campaign “Fuerza Chile: Joined for clean waters” on March 26th 2016 where participants collected more than 5 tonnes of rubbish and waste on around 100 shore kilometres simultaneously, on 26 sites gathering around 650 volunteers from different parts of the country. 


  • In March and April 2016, a group of friends and neighbours from Cocholgue in the commune of Tomé decided to carry out an action pointed to the beautification of the cove and invited the neighbours to collaborate with paintings in order to paint the long stair of Cocholgue. Recupera Chile collaborated with the coordination of volunteers and painting days and donated USD50 for painting and paintbrushes. Near 100 adults and 30 children participated.


  • In July 2016, in order to celebrate the Sea Month at the Tumbes School, the school´s environment club presented the video that they created together with Sea Farmers, in which they are the main characters, along with Sindy Cuevas. The video about the care of the sea and the lifecycle of the Huiro Palo, had great acceptance by the community.


  • In August 2016, a meeting with the algae unions was held to review the Sea Farmers project and its progress. Also, a review of the available funds was carried out at the SENCE Female Entrepreneur and a self-care session was made.


  • Assisted with the production of 11 proposals that would provide artisanal fishermen and women training on management and implementation of self-sustainable small-scale aquaculture projects. 

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